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Welcome to Lansdown Estates

Lansdown Estates own and manage residential, unfurnished accommodation in Cheltenham. We do not look after properties for other landlords. We have been long established in the town, providing comfortable, affordable unfurnished accommodation since 1977.

We have a total of sixty-nine flats, comprising a mix of studio apartments, one and two bedroom flats. The properties are situated in Bath Road (opposite the Eagle Tower), Wellington Street (just off Oriel Road) Hewlett Road (town end) Lansdown Terrace, Clarence Square and Suffolk Square.

All our flats and studio apartments are self-contained (no sharing of kitchen or bathrooms with other tenants). We take pride in providing comfortable and affordable accommodation within five minutes walking distance of the town centre. Nevertheless, there is parking at all but one of the properties.

We have our own management team, dedicated and committed to ensure that the buildings and flats are maintained and kept in good repair. Many of our tenants have been with us for years.

On a new letting, each studio apartment or flat is thoroughly cleaned and, where necessary, redecorated. The accommodation is unfurnished, though we do provide curtains and carpeting.

We require each new tenant to sign up to a tenancy of six months which is the usual length of a tenancy. After the six months, the tenancy would continue on a month-to-month basis with only one month's notice required to end the tenancy.

Unlike many other landlords, we do not require a deposit at the commencement of a tenancy. We only require one month's rent in advance and a non-returnable administration fee of £150. That is all - no deposit, no reference charges, no legal fees, etc.

Lansdown Estates pay the water rates and central heating. Each tenant is responsible for his/her own electricity and Council Tax.

Regrettably we do not accept tenants with children or pets.

To enquire about flat availability, please contact Colin Morgan, Lettings Manager at:

Lansdown Estates
1 North Place
GL50 4DW
Tel: 01242 227373
Fax: 01242 583435
email: info@lansdown-estates.co.uk

flats to let cheltenham

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